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Discover the richness of the world's safest, most effective

Odor-eliminating Scent Diffusion & Air Freshener System

Founded in 2008 in the Netherlands, Bioluxal brings diverse commercial and professional scenting and odor elimination solutions to numerous industries.

Our success has led to unprecedented growth within the scenting and odor elimination industry. We service clients in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium, Finland and the USA, through our corporate headquarters in the Netherlands, our franchise administration office in Canada and our R&D department in France.

Bioluxal provides the best solutions in cutting-edge scent diffusion, scent marketing, signature scents, odor elimination and natural fragrance formulas for scenting and odor elimination. Through years of development and research, we have formulated and designed all-natural green products, essential oils formulas and advanced diffusion systems that go beyond simply scenting your commercial space.

We strive to transform scenting and odor elimination, moving away from common chemical components to all-natural fragrances, minerals and other natural ingredients.

All of our products adhere to the following guidelines:

Fully compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations.
All products are manufactured to meet current "green" standards
All products are non-toxic
No fragrances, oils or products are sourced from animals
No products have been tested on animals
Fragrance formulas contain no detergents, salts, soaps or alcohol
Fragrances are fully biodegradable
Products adhere to EN1276 and remain free from environmental pollutants

We believe that every business must serve its customers in a comfortable and safe environment. Nature has enabled Bioluxal to create air fresheners and fragrances that are non-caustic, non-ionic, safe for the ozone, hypo-allergenic, non-flammable and 100% safe for your customers.

Our Core Values

Since incorporating Bioluxal in 2008 we have been guided by our core values. Our values motivate us and guide us on a very personal level. They help us improve ourselves, so in turn we may better serve you. We Are…

  • Fully committed to good corporate citizenship
  • Committed to leading the industry with unwavering integrity
  • Dedicated to providing a valuable experience to your customers
  • Committed to improving our scent systems and natural fragrance formulas to consistently deliver tquality service
  • Prideful of our employees, who are the core of our success
  • Passionate about scents
  • Dedicated to protecting the environment as well as your customers

Why Choose Bioluxal

Since 2008 we have specialized in creating all-natural green scent solutions for scent marketing and odor elimination. Nature provides us with resources since the dawn of man to solve every issue that comes before us; why not odor elimination and scenting as well? We've designed our products to take the best that nature has to offer, creating 100% safe, environmentally-friendly scents to keep your business smelling fresh.

With Bioluxal, you get the best in professional scent and odor elimination:

Our Affordable scent systems and products are ideal for any budget !
Our products use all-natural fragrances
You will never be bound by a long-term contract
No up-front investment is required
Fast, safe and effective odor elimination for any environment (and any odor)

Among our clients in The Netherlands, Germany Belgium, Finland, USA & the UK:

  • Hilton
  • Sheraton
  • Double Tree By Hilton
  • The Luxury Collection
  • Yotel hotels
  • Hyatt
  • Inntel Hotels
  • Best-Western
  • Art'otel Amsterdam,
  • Pulitzer Amsterdam,
  • Hyatt
  • Fairmont Hotel
  • Marriott
  • Van der Valk Hotels
  • Sokotel Oy (Finland)
  • Carlton Hotel Brussel,
  • CSU Leisure Services
  • Landal Parks
  • Thon Hotels
  • Bilderberg Hotels
  • Park Plaza Hotels
  • Okura Hotel
  • Fashion hotel
  • Novotel
  • West-Cord Hotels
  • Hotels van Oranje
  • Crown Plaza Hotels
  • Radisson BLU
  • Mercure Hotels
  • ING Bank Nederland
  • Fonville (cleaning company)
  • AMERON Hotel
  • Mauritius Hotels
  • Orginal Sokos Hotel (Finland)
  • Grand Palace Hotel Hannover
  • and more...