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Odor Elimination Service

Our patented vaporizing system works far more efficient & effective , our diffuser system evaporates our unique, essential oil formulas, and then disperses them throughout the atmosphere in an invisible mist.

Every business and commercial environment has the potential to become the victim of foul odors. Those odors can come from a variety of sources and unfortunately most of the commercial products used to deal with those odors are ineffective. Depending on your business you - and your customers - could be forced to deal with a number of odor problems including:

Smoke Odors
Animal Odors
Garbage Odors
Food Odors
Urine Odors
Fire Odors
Sewage Odors
Sweat Odors
Paint Odors
Mildew & Mould Odors
WC Odors
Tobacco Smoke Odors

The problem with commercial scent diffusers for odor elimination is those products do not actually eliminate the odor. Instead, they mask the odor with heavy chemical scents in a limited range which results in concentrated, overpowering chemical fragrances. In order to cover bad odors, most commercial air fresheners, rely on formulated detergents, oils, alcohol and other chemicals. Not only are these ingredients harmful to the environment, but the chemicals can cause physical and cosmetic damage to the assets in your business.

Chemical scent systems have limited use because the chemicals cannot be used near products, especially in an environment where food is prepared or consumed. A natural scent system like the Bioluxal Magic Vaporizer can be used anywhere in your business, no matter what business you’re in. when you scent your business with Bioluxal natural fragrances you’ll effectively eliminate bad odors before they arise.

For smaller odor problems such as treating curtains, fabric, furniture and other textiles, we can provide fabric refresher in easy to use hand spray - an ideal option to support regular cleaning and maintenance that reduces your dependency on harmful chemicals for odor elimination.

Natural Essential Oils

Each of the formulas we create uses essential oils that naturally break down bad odor molecules at the source while time releasing a fresh, clean fragrance throughout the environment. Use Bioluxal Scent Diffusion System or Hand Spray Anywhere Bad Odors Arise.