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Enhance the Scent in a
Confined Space or Business

Hotel rooms, small offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms and other locations with fabric furniture or carpets can become uncomfortable for employees and customers as bad odor develops. With our natural odor elimination and air freshener solutions you can create a gentle, fresh, clean scent while eliminating bad odor in fabrics, carpets and work spaces.

Refresh Linens with
Natural Fragrances

When you use hand sprayers for odor elimination with the right natural fragrances from Bioluxal, you can add a pleasant, home-like scent to bedding, towels, bathrobes and other linens. With our hypo-allergenic natural fragrances and perfumes, you will never have to worry about adverse customer reactions, residue or staining.

Enhancing a Public Space

Our industrial sprayer are the best solutions for eliminating bad odors in large public spaces, including hotel lobbies, large conference spaces, hotel corridors and other open spaces.

Complete Odor Elimination

Bad odors do not stand a chance against our natural essence formulas. Bioluxal is the leading solution in the hospitality industry for eliminating excessive unpleasant odors including:

Sweat, Tobacco Smoke, Food, Paint, Urine, Animal, Sewage, Stale Odors

Construction Adhesive,
Mildew and Mold, Fire and Smoke Odors

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