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Our business goes beyond aroma and scents; it is about creating an experience for your customers by controlling the scent they experience. You can do that with our patented automatic scent systems the Magic Vaporizer or with our hand spray fabric refresher.

When you create memorable, positive experiences attached to smell it becomes easier for your customers to remember your business and your brand. If paired correctly, you can create a subconscious longing for the ambiance of your business.

To create the ideal experience for your business, we offer a variety of scenting solutions – with specially formulated natural scents – to suit your commercial and professional needs.

In addition to our scenting services, we offer a natural solution that will drive away mosquitoes – not your customers.

Odor Elimination Scent

One of the biggest issues with commercial businesses is contending with odor.

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Sensory Scents

Sensory scents are specially formulated by Bioluxal to create unique triggers in customers, allowing you to direct or stimulate their behavior within your business.

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Signature Scenting

Corporate brands are becoming extremely creative with their marketing, and provide customers with more than merely a visual experience when they enter a business.

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Scents Designed for Marketing

We have developed a series fragrances designed specifically for scenting commercial spaces.

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SOS Mosquitoes

The Safest Way to Protect Your Customers From Pests

In addition to our scenting services we offer a natural mosquitoes replant service. Any business, especially the food and hospitality industries, can succumb to pests such as mosquitoes which can drive business away. Customers don’t want to be bothered and bitten by mosquitoes – that can ruin a pleasant social outing. Unfortunately, many commercial applications leave chemical residue, odors and can even be a fire hazard if not managed properly. Those commercial applications also aren’t safe for use around food and beverage services.

Bioluxal provides an effective, natural solution that is safe for use in any environment. Our SOS Mosquito repellent is specially formulated with essential oils and other natural ingredients to drive away mosquitoes – not your customers.