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The Technology behind Bioluxal Scent Machine and Odor Elimination

Bioluxal Scent System Vaporizer is an innovative new technology which diffuses essential oils throughout your business. The Bioluxal Scent System diffuses essential oils in a fine mist into the ambient through evaporation. This creates a long-lasting, natural scent that performs far longer. It remain airborne for up to 10 hours, with micro-particles spreading consistently throughout your business to create a uniform scented space.

Advantages of the Bioluxal Scent Machine

Products Suitable for a Global Market

Bioluxal has developed a complete line of products and scenting devices that are tailored for each country and region we serve, including: Europe, Central America, South America, the United States and Canada. Given the variety and range of products and fragrances from Bioluxal, one of our solutions is guaranteed to fit the scenting and odor […]

Maximum Scent Coverage for Your Business

A single Scent System Vaporizer from Bioluxal covers up to 400m3. When you utilize multiple vaporizers, you may cover any amount of space throughout your business – unlike other scenting systems which effectively cover less than a tenth of the space of the Bioluxal Scent System Vaporizer. The higher coverage area of the Bioluxal Scent […]

Environmentally Safe Scent System for Your Business

Bioluxal natural fragrances are formulated to be safe for people, non-toxic, non-flammable, and free of contaminants that can harm your business. The natural fragrances we produce are hypoallergenic, free of chemicals, propellants and of harmful Volatile Chemical Compounds (VOC’s). They will not cause headaches to sensitive customers, will not trigger disorders like asthma and are […]

Bioluxal Scent Machine Vaporizer vs. Other Commercial Scenting Devices

Categories Spray /Aerosol Systems Gel System / Solid Discs / Wafers Solid Discs / Wafers Other Advanced Diffusion Systems Bioluxal Scent Machine Vaporizer
Free from potentially harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
Free from harmful chemicals
No negative effects on the environment & people - CO2 / alcohol / chemicals Yes in most cases
Stains objects and surfaces
Utilizes natural fragrances
Allergen free
Creates a heavy-droplet shower effect
Noise free technology
Total coverage Very Limited, not more than 15m3 Limited Limited Large Indefinite
Uniform scenting and consistent coverage Too strong or too soft,work by intervals Decreasing effectiveness Decreasing effectiveness
Droplets size Large droplets Medium droplets Medium droplets Micron-sized or larger Micron sized
Areas of applicatio Mainly toilets Mainly toilets Mainly toilets Not economic to use in small spaces & toilets Everywhere
Odor source Liquid + Gas (propellant) Gel Solid Liquid Liquid
No required maintenance
Free battery replacement
No-cost installation
No contract / commitment required Long commitment
No up-front investment Large investment