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Hand gel – 5L * 1 bottle

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This hand gel is the best choice to keep your hands clean. In the current circumstances, clean hands are essential – especially if your company has to work during these difficult times. The Bioluxal hand gel allows you to continue safely and cleanly. A hand gel is also very useful if you do not have access to clean water and soap, but you do need to clean your hands well (but it is not a substitute for cleaning with soap and water). The hand gel dries quickly, so you don’t walk around for minutes with wet or greasy hands. Our handles are made according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

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How do you use this hand gel?
1. Take a dollop of hand gel
2. Rub your hands well together
3. Also take the outside of your hand with you
4. Don’t forget spots like the wrists and between the fingers!


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