Scent with Us

Since 2008 we have specialized in creating natural solutions for scent marketing and odor elimination. Nature provides us with resources since the dawn of man to solve every issue that comes before us; why not odor elimination and scenting as well?  We’ve designed our products to take the best that nature has to offer, creating 100% safe, environmentally-friendly scents to keep your business smelling fresh.

With Bioluxal, you get the best in professional scent and odor elimination:

Fully compliant with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations, we work according to the good manufacture practices described in the IFRA Code of Practice 

You will never be bound by a long-term contract

No up-front investment is required

Our products use all-natural fragrances

Fast, safe and effective odor elimination for any environment (and any odor)

Our Affordable scent systems and products are ideal for any budget!

Stop and smell the roses. Get the latest and greatest on scenting!