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400 ml – room spray

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Bioluxal – A leader in Natural Scenting and Odor Elimination

No matter what business you’re in, when you deal with customers and clients face to face, you have to be concerned with all aspects of the customer experience – keeping all senses in mind.

Our hand sprays fabric fresheners & air fresheners 5 in 1:

Natural Fabric Fresheners
Air Fresheners
Odor Eliminator
Fabric Perfume
Room Spray
Bioluxal’s Hand Sprays
Natural Fabric Fresheners and Air Fresheners
The Industry’s Most Effective Odor Eliminators
Imagine if you had access to a natural odor eliminator and air freshener that could make any area of your business free of unpleasant odors – no matter what industry you are in. Your customers would always enjoy a more comfortable environment that smells fresh and clean – and always makes a great first impression.

Bioluxal offers a line of natural fabric fresheners and air fresheners that act as powerful odor eliminators; our unique and innovative approach to odor elimination is a three-tier solution:

Step 1: Eliminate the Bad Odors
We do not mask odors. We effectively neutralize the unpleasant odors at the source.

Step 2: Protect Against Bad Odors
Our bio-enhanced formulas create a powerful shield against recurring bad odors.

Step 3: Scent the Environment
Once the bad odors are eliminated, our natural fabric and air fresheners scent the area with an exquisite fresh fragrance to create a more pleasant, aromatic environment for your customers.

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